Capt Patrick Clooney memorial

On January 21st 1863 a monument was erected to the memory of Capt Patrick Clooney of the Irish Brigade. The dedication reads This memorial to the memory of Capt Patrick Clooney of Waterford was erected by his friends and fellow citizens Jan 21st 1863.

Capt Clooney must have been held in high regard by the citizens of Waterford as the monument would have been quite impressive for its time.

Other than the dedication there are 3 other inscriptions

  1. He fought in the army of the Potomac at Manasses,Malvern Hills, Gaines Mills and Antietam.
  2. Rome; Castlefredo,Spoleto and Perugia. He fought for a independent pope and an independent church.
  3. To the memory of Captain Patrick l Clooney of the popes Irish brigade and ( soldier of ?) Meaghers Irish American Brigade. Who fell gallantly leading his company at the battle of Antietam September 17th 1862. Aged 27 years,

 Sadly the monument is in urgent need of repair, the stone is cracked in several places and is becoming water logged because of this the inscriptions are also becoming harder to read.


About Waterford Civil War Veterans

Hi, my name is James Doherty and I pay my bills by working in marketing. My hobby is history in particular the history of my hometown Waterford.
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One Response to Capt Patrick Clooney memorial

  1. Daniel Doran says:

    I was delighted to read the above article as I have a deep interest in all history and genealogy. I am a direct descendent of the man who designed and cut the monument to Captain Clooney. My great great grandfather was James Doran. He came from Bagenalstown to Waterford city in 1855 and set up a business at the end of Johns street near the John’s river. I have always been very proud of the monument he created and I visit it on a regular basis.Credit to all who have raised awareness about the need for it’s restoration.

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