Letter from the Papal war

While based in Spoleto Patrick Clooney  wrote to Dr.Tobias Kirby ( a fellow Waterford man) rector of the Irish College in Rome seeking to acquire a medal blessed by the holy father himself. Thanks to Robert Doyle for finding this in the vatican archives.

“Citadel Spoleto, August 21 1860

Very Rev Sir,

You will excuse me, I hope, for the trouble I am now seeking to give you but my only plea for excuse is that I was born in the city that glories in your birth and feels some pleasure in the assistance and advice that you have been able to render to the Irish Volunteers. Also, another cause why I would trouble you is that I have cost the Papal Government very little in coming out here as I left Waterford by myself when the movement failed to send them out and the letter I brought you from the Rev. Rich. Fitzgerald of the Cathedral Waterford will bear me out as to my intentions. I will never desert the cause I have sworn to maintain. By complying with the request I make, if it is possible for you to do so, would place me under a debt of gratitude I would never forget. It is this. I have been given to understand that medals were given by his holiness to some of the first arrivals of volunteers in Rome. If it is a fact and that one of them remained, I could never forget our kindness if you could procure it for me. I would cherish it to my heart and never part with it till death. I would keep it from the knowledge of some or if you like, all parties to prevent anything like annoyance. If you can succeed you will never never be forgotten in the prayers of your most

Devtd. Sevt.

Patk F Clooney
No 1 Company Irish Battalion


About Waterford Civil War Veterans

Hi, my name is James Doherty and I pay my bills by working in marketing. My hobby is history in particular the history of my hometown Waterford.
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