Hi, My name is James Doherty and I am based in Waterford Ireland, I am currently fundraising for the restoration of a memorial to Capt Patrick Clooney of the Irish Brigade. I am one of the founders of a group dedicated to celebrating the creation of the Irish flag by Thomas Francis Meagher in Waterford in 1848 www.1848tricolour.com

I am also interested in finding out any additional information on Veterans from Waterford.


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  1. good work…..keep it up

  2. James,
    The 90th Illinois Vol. Inf. (Chicago’s Irish Legion) had at least 3 soldiers who were recorded as having been born in Waterford. Unfortunately, although 70% of the men in this regiment gave Ireland as their birthplace, only two companies made any attempt to record the county in which they were born. These were Company A from Rockford, Illinois and Company F from Chicago and Springfield, Illinois.

    In August 1862 two men from Waterford enlisted in Company A as corporals. They were Joseph Whalen, 21, and Joseph P. Whalen, age 20 yrs. The other distinctions made were that Joseph P. was 5’7″ while Joseph was 6.0′ and Joseph P. had dark complexion while Joseph had ruddy complexion. They both received pensions.

    Both men were promoted to sergeant. Joseph P. was wounded in the battle at Missionary Ridge and discharged for disability from the wounds in March 1864, receiving his pension later that year. He died in Rockford in 1919. Joseph went through the war and was discharged with the regiment in Washington, DC in June 1865, receiving his pension later in life and died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1916.

    In Company F, Patrick Keilley is recorded as having been born in Waterford. He enlisted as a private in Springfield, Illinois in August 1862 at the age of 43. He was discharged for disability on April 11, 1863. (Several of the older men had difficulty withstanding the hardship of winter camp and its attendant diseases.)

    I will follow with interest your project to learn more about Waterford soldiers in the Civil War.

    Jim Swan
    P.S. Learned about you from Darien’s blog.

  3. I have researched the Irish Brigade for 26 years. Please contact me at rm69nyib@cox.net
    for three attachments.


    Robert McLernon

    Springfield, VA USA

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